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mapIn recent years, Latin America has become a region of vital interest and importance to Canada and Canadians, as the social issues, political situations, security tensions, economic opportunities, ecology, resources and people of that region are part of our daily experience. In a University which has been noted for its strength in the field of Latin American Studies since its founding in 1966, students are now able to take full advantage of our Latin American expertise in designing their own program of study. A degree in Latin American Studies will prepare the student with a critical and informed viewpoint on Latin America, and the linguistic and analytical skills to participate in Canada-Latin America linkages in the working world. Job opportunities exist in research, teaching, consulting, development, and federal and provincial government. 

Latin American Studies: Forty Years of Inspiration, Devotion, Innovation and Excellence

 To produce graduates with a deep, multidisciplinary knowledge of the region, together with language and cross-cultural skills